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Back in 1995, the Tennessee Law Review published a symposium issue on the Second Amendment and firearms policy. That symposium was probably the most influential law review symposium ever published on the topic. (More on that issue, below.) This year, the Tennessee Law Review is doing another Second Amendment symposium. My contribution to the forthcoming issue is The First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment.

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The NRA still true to its calling

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Certain things remain constant in America, despite the best efforts of, say, Hollywood, the mainstream news media, liberal culture and progressive politics. Old Glory and Old Faithful come to mind, along with the National Rifle Association — which will show just how constant it is in about 48 hours, when the organization’s annual membership meeting begins in Indianapolis. The theme this year is “Stand and Fight.” Though the group has mastered contemporary public outreach and commands the most forward-thinking communication platforms, the NRA is still the NRA, without apology or compromise. The massive three-day event is on message. It has not lost its heartland flavor, or overlooked the core interests of the 80,000 attendees who begin arriving Thursday.

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DATE:   April 22, 2014
TO:      USF NRA Member and Friends
FROM:  Marion P. Hammer
           USF Executive Director
           NRA Past President

Senate Bill 424 to Stop Discrimination by Insurance Companies Against Gun Owners has PASSED THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE!!!!!

The bill was sponsored by Representative Matt Gaetz(R) in the House and Senator Tom Lee (R) in the Senate.

On March 18, 2014, after being shepherded through three Senate Committees, by Senator Tom Lee,  SB-424 then  PASSED THE SENATE by a vote of  36-3.

Today, April 22, 2014, after being shepherded through three House Committees, by Representative Matt Gaetz,  SB-424 PASSED THE HOUSE by a vote of 74-44.

SB-424 is a bill to stop insurance companies from discriminating against gun owners.  Click here to view bill text: SB-424  as Passed

This bill makes it clear that refusing to issue a policy, refusing to renew a policy,  canceling a policy, or charging unfair rates based on the lawful possession and ownership of firearms or ammunition constitutes unfair discrimination and is prohibited and actionable.

Further, the bill protects privacy rights by prohibiting insurance companies and their agents from disclosing information on firearms and firearm ownership of its applicants and policyholders to others.

The bill now goes to the Governor for his action.  

Please email Senator Tom Lee and Representative Matt Gaetz and tell them thank you for standing up gun owners.



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Last week, we sent an alert asking Pennsylvania NRA members to report to our State and Local Affairs Division if their employer has a policy which prohibits employees from transporting to/from and storing firearms in their locked, private motor vehicles while parked at work, and the response has been overwhelming!  Within 24 hours, our office received hundreds of e-mails reporting these types of policies, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the local grocery store on the corner.  There seems to be a plethora of businesses micromanaging the lawful contents of one’s private vehicle at the workplace.  These policies are occurring in widespread proportions in the Keystone State, and something needs to be done.

These types of policies only serve to jeopardize the safety of employees commuting to and from the workplace, and the employer holds no liability if you fall victim to a violent crime during your commute.  You shouldn’t have to be the next potential victim of violent crime because you decided to seek employment at a steel company or a department store that arbitrarily bans the storage of firearms in your privately-owned vehicle.

Your NRA-ILA thanks all NRA members who responded.  This information will be an invaluable tool in advancing state “employee protection” legislation in Harrisburg.  We will be making “employee protection” a legislative priority this session, and so should the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Please contact your state legislators today and ask them to make employee protection a priority this session.  Tell them we want to work together to ban these types of arbitrary policies – and STOP the banning of firearms in one’s private motor vehicle. Tell them that 23 states around the country have employee protection parking lot laws, and that Pennsylvanians should have the same rights as nearly half of the country.

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Your Help is Still Needed to Defeat Another Gun Control Measure in the Same Committee

House Bill 826, NRA-opposed legislation sponsored by state Representative Wesley Bishop (D-New Orleans) to repeal Louisiana’s “stand your ground” statute, has been removed from Wednesday’s House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee schedule.  However, another anti-gun measure is on the committee agenda and your help is still needed to stop that one in its tracks!

House Bill 1189, sponsored by state Representative Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), would make it a crime to intentionally, or with criminal negligence, expose children, age ten and under, to firearms that are not locked in a container or equipped with a locking device.  If passed and enacted into law, HB 1189 would require all Louisianans with children in this age group to render firearms inoperable, thereby hindering their immediate use for protection and failing to take into account each family’s own self-defense needs.

Although there are exceptions in HB 1189 for formalized instruction and shooting with your children at an established range or while hunting, parents would not be able to show their kids how to safely handle a firearm at home or to shoot recreationally on their own property without possibly violating this act.  In fact, the term “exposure” is so broad in HB 1189, it could prohibit taking your child to a firearms museum, a parade that involves participants marching with firearms, or a military funeral with a gun salute!

If the goal is to further reduce firearm accidents among children, Louisianans should encourage schools, law enforcement agencies and local communities to share the life-saving message of the NRA Eddie Eagle children’s firearms safety program.  Kids are taught that if they encounter a gun while unsupervised, they should “STOP.  DON’T TOUCH.  LEAVE THE AREA.  TELL AN ADULT!”  This would do more to make Louisiana children safer than ill-conceived legislation such as HB 1189.

Here’s what you can do to help stop this bill:

Attend tomorrow’s hearing at 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 6 of the State Capitol.  Upon arrival at the committee room, you will want to complete and sign a RED card against HB 1189.  You may indicate on the card whether you wish to speak or simply register your opposition to this measure.

Using the contact information provided below, please call AND e-mail members of the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee and politely urge them to OPPOSE HB 1189.  Additionally, messages can be left for all state Representatives at the state Capitol during the week by calling (225) 342-6945.


House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee:
Rep. Joe Lopinto (R-Metairie), Chairman

Rep. Helena Moreno (D-New Orleans), Vice-Chairman

Rep. Bryan Adams (R-Gretna)

Rep. Austin Badon (D-New Orleans)

Rep. Terry Brown (I-Colfax)

Rep. Roy Burrell (D-Shreveport)

Rep. Mickey Guillory (D-Eunice)

Rep. Chris Hazel (R-Pineville)

Rep. Valarie Hodges (R-Denham Springs)

Rep. Dalton Honore (D-Baton Rouge)

Rep. Frank Howard (R-Many)

Rep. Terry Landry (D-New Iberia)

Rep. Sherman Mack (R-Livingston)

Rep. Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport)

Rep. Steven Pylant (R-Winnsboro)

Rep. Ebony Woodruff (D-Harvey)

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